What We Can Do

We can coach, consult, encourage, advocate, and guide!



noun 1. a person who provides expert advise professionally, an expert who gives advice  

verb 1.advise professionally, 2. get or ask advice from, 3. refer, look up, seek information from, or 4. have a conference in order to talk something over.



noun 1. private instructor, or teacher, 2. a person who gives private instruction

verb 1. to teach, 2. to teach or guide usually individually in a special subject,sport, skill, or for a particular purpose : 


If you are feeling confused or frustrated, as an individual, as a parent or you are feeling your child's frustration but don't know how to help, we can support you through those struggles and help you find solutions, options, and new techniques.


If you are thinking of implementing healthier options such as toxin free products  and choices and feel like you need some guidance for you or your family or just need to share ideas and get new ones, keep on going records or portfolios, supplement your families daily routines, we can support and guide you. We can offer the educational and emotional support if you are not sure where to go or whom to call.


If you are worried about your child's development, educational performances or social/emotional skills, we can provide you informal assessment and observation, professional feedback, guidance, support to help your child, other professional contacts, and private or small group tutoring. 


If you are worried about your helath, diet choices, or commercial products in your home and would like to know about more holistic approaches, products, or options we can support you in your research to healthy habits and wellness.


It can be a relief to have professional and caring help, someone to listen,  provide some solutions, and guide us through a plan! All of us have needed that kind of support and help at some point! We are here to help!



Tutoring/Behavioral Therapy

Consultations are varied depending on your inquiries. Consultation guidance is offered on the following topics:

  • Health & Wellness Scanning & Coaching:  Information about diet and supplement alternatives, intervention/therapy approaches, help communicating wishes to your medical doctor, and holistic wellness options.

**This is not a diagnoses or treatment plan; this is information to inform you of available options while remaining under the care of your regular physician.         

  • Child Development Concerns

  • Behavior & Emotional Concerns/Positive Discipline Techniques

  • Educational  Concerns/Learning Differences, IEP Support/Advocacy

  • Home School Support/Curriculum Guidance

  • Adoptive/Foster Parenting Support                                     


Consultation appointments may be in person at the office, located in Bishopville, MD or by telephone, or skype.


Initial Consultations range from 60 -90 minutes. We will discuss history, questions, concerns and goals. Together we will create a personal plan to enable you to achieve results.


Consultation support is most beneficial when scheduled regularly in order to implement new skills, techniques, and habits. When new skills, techniques, or philosophies are being introduced, it is recommended that a minimum of six (6) consultation sessions be scheduled.  This will allow time to learn, practice and to be guided sufficiently in order to see positive improvement. These may or may not include Zyto Scans, that is up to the client.




Educational Support/Behavior Therapy is available for children ages 2 and up. Educational support is offered in the following topics:

  • IEP/504 Plan Family Advocate

  • Homeschool support

  • Early Intervention Concerns (Academic ,Behavioral, or Developmental) 

  • Reading/Writing, Phonics, Spelling

  • Math

  • Behavior/Social Skills (as may be seen with PDD, Spectrum Disorders, etc.)

  • Executive Functioning/Organizational Skills


All Educational Support/behavior therapy is done in person at the office. We may attend IEP meetings or educational/therapy sessions on an as needed basis.


Educational Support/Behavior Thereapy may be scheduled in the clients home as needed.


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