Schedule a Session

Schedule a Session

Zyto Wellness Scans:

* Initial Scans take about 90 minutes, due to time for scan and consultation.

* Full Wellness Scan                              -$80 per hour ($40 for every half hour started)

* Balance Scan                                       -$80 per hour

* Lifestyle Scan                                      -$80 per hour

* Food for Wellness Scan                      -$60 per hour


* Basic Physiological Stressors             -$45 per half hour

and one Balance item/company

*Scans may be done as often as the client prefers but analysis scans should be at least  4 weeks apart.


Health & Wellness Consultations          -$45 for 30 mins.

                                                                  -$80 for 1 hour



Contact to schedule appointment:

  • Jen Esch 410-271-2835


Descriptions and Pricing:

Symphony of the Cells              -$20

Symphony of the Cells is a collection of 8 to 12 essential oils,applied to the back, for a therapeutic protocol, intended to support the body through illness, stress, or to maintain wellness. 

Menu of S of C Protocols:

*Basic   *Emobic   *Maxim   *Cardio   *Forgiveness   *Neurological

*Cellular   *Hormone   *Osteo   *C2 (Cellualr #2)   *Infectious   *Respiratory

*Chi   *Inflammatory   *Sensory   *Digestive   *Lymphatic    *Solar

*S of C application takes 5 to 20 minutes.


Sound Therapy                         -$10 for 10 mins. to $65. for 1 hour

Sound Therapy is an ancient healing modality using musical vibration instruments such as crystal and Himalayan bowls, drums, bells and voice to bring the client into a deep relaxation while vibrations of sound travel throughout the body creating a harmonious balance of the physical and emotional being.Sound Therapy nourishes the body's nerve endings, shown to reduce chronic pain and inflammation, while lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and reducing toxin levels in the body, stored emotions and energy blockages may be released while listening and feeling the beautiful sounds as they vibrate EVERYTHING in the body; cells, lymphatic system, bones, hair, blood, energy, tissues, scar tissue, muscles, etc. Sound Therapy is used in CLINICAL, HOSPITAL, PERSONAL and Private settings around the US and the world. 


Wellness Visit Options:

Full Zyto Scan, Symphony of Cells, & Sound Bowls                                                          -$120.00

Check in Zyto Scan ( just a few minutes), Symphony of Cells, & Sound Bowls                -$60 + 

( Weekly Wellness Visits range from $60 to $100 Depending on Services requested).


Educational Consultation/Parent Coaching:

  • Half hour session – $45

  • Full hour session – $80

Parent Coaching is scheduled (initially) for 6 one hour sessions. During this time Consultations, Creating a Plan, and Implementing/Practicing Skills will begin to show results.

*After the initial 6 sessions appointments for Coaching sessions may be scheduled per month or as needed. 

Professional Development/Education:

  • Half hour session: $80

  • Full hour session: $100 per hour


School/Home Observations:

  • Student/Child observations - $50 per hour

  • Teacher Meetings/IEP Meetings - $65 per hour

  • Tutoring/ Behavior Training - $65 per hour


Contact to schedule appointment:

  • Jen Esch 410-271-2835


Payment is due at time of appointment and may be made by CASH, CHECK, or VENMO.


For other Payments please go to: * or  Venmo: Jen-Esch-1.

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