Family Wellness Consulting

As a certified Technician of Zyto's Biocommunication Programs, a doTerra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, I am able to guide and research healthier lifestyle choices such as; food/diet, supplement/vitamin choices, and holistic/alternative thereapies, etc with you.

Biocommunication Zyto Elite 

Zyto products help you make better decesions about your health and wellness.It is referd to as wellness decesion support technology.Zyto scans  are not intended to diagnose or treat. Zyto technology relys on an array of biocommunication principlas and concepts that provide users with a deeper insight and information when making decesions related to health and wellness. Regular Zyto scans will provide you with up-to-date biocummunication information as your body changes. Your Wellness consultant will guide you with a specific scan schedule best for you.

Foster Care/Adoption Support

I am able to guide and support your family using attachment theory parenting and positive parenting approahces to behaviour management and attachment issues. 

Educational Advocate

I am able to attend school conferences, IEP,504, and Student related meetings to help support and advocate for students and parents.

Positive Parent Coaching

I am able to meet with parents, at home or in the office, to provide tools/ideas, and techniques that will encourage and foster positive family relations and behaviours. 


HomeSchool/ Educational Support

I am able to guide parents with curriculum and support, and academic guidance/tutoring for the children.

Sound Therapy Practitioner

I am trained in Sound Therapy, an ancient healing modality using musical vibration instruments, such as crystal & Himalayan bowls, drums, bells, voice and music, that will encourage deep relaxation for the client.Sound Therapy vibrates the entire body, all organs, glands, and systems, nourishing the body"s nerve endings and reducing chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and so much more. 

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