I am so excited to learn of the opening of Integrative Family Consulting & Educational Tutoring. 


Jen's expertise and true care and concern for children have helped countless children, including my own.  

My daughter was a student at The Tidewater School by the Sea, while Jen was the director there. The experience was invaluable for my daughter's educational and personal growth, as well as beneficial for our entire family.


Even though my daughter had been receiving services for speech, occupational and physical therapy for over 2 years, Jen was the first person to make me aware of some fine/gross motor and motor planning skills that my daughter needed to develop, learn, and strengthen.  She taught us how to help our children define their workspace and use organizational skills when beginning a task or goal. Jen pointed out and gave examples of how children learn in very practical and tactile ways.


I now homeschool my daughter (after she had major surgery) and Jen has continued to provide reassurance, evaluation, and resources to assist in our educational journey.


Personally, my family will be utilizing Mrs. Esch's services, and I highly recommend her for any family.



Tammie Mathias, Ocean City, MD  




I have known Jen for four years. When she was an employee at Seaside Christian school, I was able to get to know her both professionally and personally.


Professionally, as you are in conversation with Jen, you will hear phrases like: “Encouragement rather than praise and rewards”, “Instilling valuable social skills and positive behavior”,

“Understanding the motivation behind the child's behavior, instead of looking for causes”, and 

“Evaluating the whole child”.


These phrases are part of a teaching movement that Jen is passionate about, "Positive Discipline". Jen is the local expert on positive discipline and techniques that will help you, the parent/teacher, learn the valuable skills to help your child develop respect, cooperation, responsibility, and accountability. Studies show that as your child grows in these important life skills, they will excel academically.


You can review Jen's resume and see the many years of school, degrees, and certificates she has acquired. However what those documents don't show you is the experience and the keen awareness she has when looking at a child's academic, physical, emotional and spiritual development; hence, her ability to "assess the whole child"!


Personally, Jen has a confident and fun loving personality. She is a genuine person who cares about people, especially children. She is extremely honest, and will share her thoughts with you if you ask her to,  which is one of the qualities I like most about her.


Rene Davidson, Ocean City, MD

Administrative Assistant, Seaside Christian Academy




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